Temporary Halt on TV Installations

Due to supply chain issues, regarding our set top boxes, NEXT is temporarily halting TV subscriptions and installations. INTERNET AND TELEPHONE INSTALLATIONS WILL CONTINUE, AS NORMAL. The chip (integrated circuit) maker for our set-top boxes also serves the entire telecom industry, automakers and many other manufacturing and service industries. We are truly fighting a global market for these assets. Our supplier cannot guarantee us a sufficient supply of set-top boxes to accommodate growth within our television subscriptions. NEXT will not promise installation schedules that we know are unattainable. NOTE: For subscribers who register for TV on www.mynextfiber.com during this period, there will be no additional trip charges, once installations resume, to return to subscribers’ homes and install our traditional TV packages.

For NEXT internet subscribers who may want other options than traditional TV packages, “streaming” is a viable option. Millions of TV subscribers utilize television streaming services through their internet connection and enjoy an HDTV picture and high-quality sound. With NEXT fiber-optic internet, you won’t have to worry about buffering your TV signal. One major advantage to streaming is you can stream to your TV, computer, tablet or even your smart phone. Also, with streaming, you can access your account and watch TV wherever you may be.

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What is streaming TV? / What is streaming TV and how does it work? / How to stream TV?

Streaming TV, also called online TV and internet TV, is a way of watching TV via the internet. There is nothing to download in advance. All you need to stream internet TV is a good internet connection and a subscription to a streaming provider – unless you opt for a free one. And of course, you need a smart TV, a laptop, or some other device you can stream on.

What is live streaming TV?  

Live streaming is watched online in real time while it’s being recorded and broadcast. Twitch.tv is a popular platform for watching esports live, for example.

How to stream live TV over the internet?

There are many internet TV options. The most popular ones are Hulu + Live TV, PlayStation Vue, fubo TV, YouTube TV, DIRECTV NOW, Pluto TV, AT&T WatchTV, Sling TV. Simply choose one to subscribe to and enjoy.

Which streaming TV service is the best?

There isn’t one best streaming TV service. It depends on what you like and want to watch, how much money you’re willing to spend, and other related factors. You’ve probably already heard the big names – Netflix, Amazon, HBO… Check out their offers, as well as those of less popular providers, and see what matches your preferences and budget.

What is the best streaming device to replace cable?

It all depends on your likes and willingness to spend money. Nowadays everyone has a smart TV and a laptop, but you haven’t thought about streaming sticks and boxes perhaps? They vary in prices and among the most popular are those by Amazon, Google, Apple, and Roku. Check out this guide for more useful tips.

Can you watch TV online for free?

Here are a few free streaming services to check out: Hoopla, Tubi TV, Kanopy, Vudu, Pluto TV, IMDb Freedive, Roku Channel, Sony Crackle, Popcornflix, YouTube Movies, and Yahoo View.

Options: There are many, but several listed for reference. Please note: Prices were accurate as of February 12, 2021.


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