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Here's what our customers have to say!


Kudos to NEXT!!! Our modem was toast after a crazy pop-up storm last night. I called at 9:30 last night to report it. They were pulling in at 8:10 this morning with a new one. Now that’s customer service!

~ Ann L.

I love the fact that I get much more speed and reliability for a lot less money!

~ Sue

I am BEYOND impressed with your service, support and NEXT itself! We visit friends in Oklahoma quite often, and they have an off-brand TV, which has an AMAZING picture we've always envied. We thought something might be wrong with our 55" LG TV---then---TA DA! NEXT gave us an incredible picture, FAST internet service, and GREAT people to work with, as well. Switching was the best decision! Thank you, NAEC and NEXT!!!!

~ Kim S.

I happily paid the $300 to cancel my (previous provider) contract. NEXT has been the best internet I’ve ever had.

~ Craig

Billy, Jordan, Keith and Matt worked on our installation. They talked to Joe back in the office and had us installed and going in no time! …so nice to see great teamwork.

~ K Kulik

When I found out that NEXT was part of NAEC, I was excited. Because of this relationship, I knew NEXT would be top-rate and an excellent service. Jo Ann explained all of the pricing and it was exactly what she said it would be. Whole process working with NEXT was outstanding. Internet speeds are fantastic – TV is phenomenal. My picture screen is full and clear – best picture I’ve ever had.

~ Michael

The biggest selling point is its reliability. There’s no comparison to our previous provider.

~ Tiffany

This helps me manage my home business and be more responsive to my customers’ needs.

~ Ron

We’ve had Netflix on three different TV’s while my son was playing on his Xbox Live – all with no buffering!

~ Tiffany

If you want up to one gig speeds, this is the best value.

~ Tim

I can watch tv AND scroll through Facebook AND check email, all at once, now! My Netflix doesn’t buffer every 3 minutes! It’s like I live in 2020 with the rest of the world!

~ Erika