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Ultimate Wifi for everyone in your home.

The ultimate wifi app

Whether you’re working from home, schooling from home, or running anything online - it just needs to run smoothly. With GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi you can be up and running in minutes.

  • Connect more than 200 devices in minutes
  • Expands full speed WiFi, inside and outside your home
  • Reduces WiFi interference to eliminate drops


GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi blankets your home inside and out with seamless connectivity and speed.


Setup your WiFi, control access, and resolve connectivity issues easily – all from the CommandIQ® app.


Create a personalized WiFi experience for everyone in your home with ExperienceIQ™ enhanced parental controls.



Your rules. Enforced.

Kids having trouble focusing, staying on task and keeping to a schedule? Eliminate distractions and manage screen time with enhanced parental controls and the CommandIQ™ app. Personalize WiFi for everyone and every device in the home. Protect the family from inappropriate content with ExperienceIQ™.

Advanced Filtering
Filter entire categories of the internet. Decide which apps and websites can be accessed.

Setup Profiles
Create customized profiles for everyone in your family.

Pause Internet
Ready for uninterrupted family time? Simply pause the internet from the CommandIQ® App.

Usage History
Carefully review and monitor internet activity with ease.

ProtectIQ™. Smart.

Do you have anti-virus protection on all your devices? Is it up to date? What about that doorbell camera or smartTV? The truth is all your devices are at risk of threats, intrusions, and attacks. ProtectIQ™ keeps your personal information and devices safe.

24/7 Scanning
Always-on scanning because malicious software and network threats don’t take days off.

Automatic Blocking
ProtectIQ™ automatically blocks and freezes attempts to access valuable information without your consent.

Intrusion Prevention
ProtectIQ™ creates a wall around your home network—stopping viruses from entering your digital life.



Ultimate WiFi Deserves the Ultimate App.

Designed for you
Get the assistance you’re looking for with an in-App dashboard that’s designed to help you easily identify and communicate service issues, so you get the assistance you need to get back the ultimate in Wi-Fi.

Peace of mind in one hand
With NextIQ™, you can now manage your entire network right from the palm of your hand, regardless of who’s online or what device they’re using. There are also self-service options with optimal mesh placement guide

Who's got the power? You do.
The NextIQ™ App gives you the power to control every device’s performance. This ultimate connectivity command center lets you set prioritizations to keep your network performance the best it can be.

Controls you'll love
Be able to easily manage everything from parental controls to bandwidth performance to guest networks and network security. It’s the command center you’ll love and the one your kids won’t.

In the know
Get peace of mind with total visibility across your entire network. With the NextIQ™ App, you’ve got access to every device and connection throughout your connected home from a single dashboard on your mobile device.

account Management App

NEXT, Powered by NAEC's Mobile App provides a wide range of options for managing your account; reporting a trouble ticket, paying your bill, etc.

Log in using your existing NEXT, Powered by NAEC portal account. Don't have one? No worries! Using your latest invoice, register for a new NEXT account and say goodbye to cluttered paper invoice statements. Opt into paperless billing to receive monthly email statements of your account.

Pay your bill safely and securely over encrypted channels. Or, enroll in automatic payments and never worry about missing a payment again.

With a variety of additional features, we welcome you to explore and provide any feedback on improvements.